How it all started....

A love for the outdoors for as long as I can remember… Especially fishing whenever and wherever I can!

I’ve been fishing all my life… I got hooked on fishing at a very young age bass fishing with my Dad in the lakes and canals of South Florida, and also in the Everglades. Growing up in S. Florida, bass fishing was a big part of my early years fishing! Throughout my life growing up in Florida I have been fortunate to experience the different types of fishing that Florida has to offer… Fishing in the Keys, surf fishing the beaches, fishing inshore waters on the East & West coasts, fishing the expanses of the Gulf and still continuing to bass fish some of the best bass lakes in the world…
I truly consider my self blessed to have the opportunity to live and fish in one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the world!

Throughout my lifetime, I have purchased a countless amount of factory rods and while they “worked” and “did the job”; I always thought how cool it would be if I could make my own fishing rods to be exactly the type of rods I wanted and needed. In early 2007 at an outdoor expo, I was introduced to the craft of custom fishing rod building and realized that I could make my own fishing rods to fit the style of fishing I liked to do! End of story… I was hooked! I’ve been building my own fishing rods ever since and I’ll never purchase another factory fishing rod!!

I’ve also built many unique custom fishing rods for family members, numerous friends, relatives and many, many happy customers. Since taking up the craft of custom fishing rod building, I have been fortunate to befriend many veteran custom rod builders, who have been gracious enough to share with me the knowledge they have learned perfecting the craft of custom fishing rod building. I have taken this knowledge and continue to build on this knowledge by immersing myself in learning proven techniques, new techniques and continually striving in my efforts in perfecting the craft of custom fishing rod building! Since learning the craft, I've become a member of the Rod Crafters Guild of America, and I’m also a member of the Suncoast Rodcrafters of Florida.

In addition to my knowledge of the rod building craft, I feel that my previous profession and experience of over 12 years as a master carpenter of fine furniture for luxury mega-yachts, lends itself to my attention to detail. When building fine custom furniture out of exotic hardwoods for multi-million dollar yachts, tolerances are very tight and the finished product must be exact to the specifications given and be absolutely perfect! This is the approach I take in each and every fishing rod that I build! I set very high standards for myself and the custom fishing rods and products I create… I have an eye for detail and high level of craftsmanship I pride myself in! Whether it’s a fine piece of hand-made furniture, a custom rod case, or a custom fishing rod I have always strived for perfection in whatever I build, and I think you will see that in my finished products.


While this all started as a means to provide myself with high quality application specific custom fishing rods, I have taken it to the next step in creating Vivid Custom Fishing Rods! A wonderful journey that I look forward to continuing and one that I’m very proud of!

Best Regards,

Tom Fielding


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